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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Melbourne, Victoria. But we have clients located around Australia.

How much do you cost?

We believe it is critical to be upfront about how much legal services cost. The truth is: legal services are time-intensive and can be expensive. That said, due to our approach and efficiency, our costs are consistently less than other firms. Every case is very different and therefore costs are very different. Before you engage us, we will give you a detailed estimate of the costs involved.

Where do you practice?

We practice throughout Australia and where necessary, overseas. Our physical office is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but we practice in all Australian jurisdictions. These include the High Court, Federal Court, Family Court (in complex matrimonial property disputes), State Supreme Courts (especially Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania), state intermediate courts, and state and Federal Tribunals. We have an affiliate partnership with Perth based EMS Legal which allows our two firms to provide seamless client services from east to west coast, and jointly resource matters. We have close relationships with firms in Adelaide and other capitals, along with specialist barristers in key jurisdictions. With greater acceptance of digital court processes as result of the pandemic, and our affiliates and network, you can prioritise engaging lawyers with the speciality you require, rather than their location.

What if I have a strong claim but can't fund a legal action?

Litigation funding or litigation finance can provide the solution. You don’t need to be a member of a potential class action or a consumer to utilise it. It is an under-utilised resource for commercial litigants and parties wanting to manage their litigation risk. Mackay Chapman has long-standing relationships with a number of Australian and International litigation funders. We regularly approach litigation funders to seek funding for our clients. We understand what matters to funders and can tell you upfront whether your claim meets, or could meet, their criteria, and apply for funding on your behalf.

How do you charge?

We tailor our method of charging to the client and matter. Due to our approach and efficiency, our costs are consistently less than large firms who offer equivalent specialties. We use a variety of charging methods including from time-based (hourly) to fixed fee and various hybrids. In certain circumstances we will use capped, conditional (success based) or ‘No win no fee’ or other ‘risk based’ fee arrangements.

What can we expect working with you?

We will want to get to the heart of your problem straight up. Then we will get the facts. That means asking you for information and documents. What we need will not always be what you think we need, and we will ask difficult questions of you and ourselves. We will strive to understand your problem and gather the key facts as soon as possible, so we can give you practical advice and a strategy to pursue.

Who will work on my matter?

We will put together the best team for you and your problem. You will be assigned one of our directors to oversee your matter and one of our lawyers to run it. From there, any mix of other lawyers from our team, lawyers from our affiliate firm EMS Legal, specialists in certain areas, barristers, forensic accountants, investigators, consultants or other experts. We have a deep and broad network of experts we work with. We put together the right team for you. That might mean one lawyer. It could mean a team of five, three barristers, forensic accountants and asset investigators in Israel, Cyprus and Manila.

What if I already have lawyers but I want to change?

We regularly take over cases from other lawyers. Typically, these are highly complex or the previous lawyers have failed to cut through. We know how to best approach a change of lawyers and the issues that can arise and can advise you simply and directly on what to expect and how to manage that change. From our previous experience, our internal processes in taking over a case at short notice are advanced.

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