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Mackay Chapman: we listen, strategise and execute. It’s simple, but it’s what sets us apart.

Strategic, Decisive, Effective

Meet our team

Dan Mackay and Michael Chapman have 25 years’ experience at the forefront of high-stakes regulatory, insolvency & financial services disputes. Together they lead a growing team of legal experts & consultants.

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Dan Mackay

Dan’s specialty is representing individuals facing civil penalties or potential criminal prosecution by regulators.

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Michael Chapman

Michael specialises in difficult commercial litigation and regulatory disputes. He cuts through complex issues to provide outcome-focused, practical advice.

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Matthew Kennedy

Matt’s speciality is complex commercial litigation, including multi-party and insolvency related litigation.

we’re specialist lawyers

How is Mackay Chapman Different?

We start and end with our clients. That means the first thing we do is break down and understand your problem from your perspective. We understand our clients’ problems are not purely legal ones – they are commercial, financial and personal. Of course, those problems occur in a legal landscape, and the solution must work in that context. But first and foremost, they are not about the law but its impact on you and your business.

With investigative backgrounds, Mackay Lawyers & Advisors work by understanding how the players in your matter think, feel and act, to provide the strategies and confidence you need now to protect your interests today.

Complex Disputes

We are experts in complex disputes and insolvencies, high impact regulatory issues and critical financial services matters.  Our strengths are our analysis, insight and anticipation.  Meet our Directors here.

The clarity you need

Irrespective of how complex your case is, we believe you should be able to understand every aspect of your matter and our strategy.

We’re not a big law firm

As ex-partners and senior lawyers in big national firms, our Directors know that a small hand-selected team is more effective. We give your matter the focus it deserves.

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